Cultivating professional talents in biomedical engineering related industries


Foster basic design and integration talents in the field of medical engineering

Cultivate talents for testing and analysis in the field of medical engineering

Cultivate students' international outlook, teamwork and communication skills, and have the concept of medical engineering ethics

Core Competencies (Objectives)

1. use basic knowledge of mathematics, science and medical engineering knowledge. (solid medical foundation)
2. ability to design, perform experiments, analyze and interpret data. (experimental execution and analysis ability)
3. ability to use medical engineering technology and design medical equipment. (professional practice ability and integration ability)
4. effective communication and teamwork. (ability to communicate and cooperate)
5. have the ability to do research, analysis, planning and implementation, and develop the ability to deal with medical problems. (ability to solve medical problems)
6. understand current events and the impact of engineering and technology on environment, society and the world, and cultivate the habit and ability of continuous learning. (lifelong learning and global vision)
7. understand ethical norms and professional responsibilities. (ethics and professional responsibilities)